Tolopka Christmas Newsletters

If you're looking for Steve & Janet's Christmas newsletters, you've come to the right place! Every edition of The Tolopka Tattler ever published is now available (be still my heart!!!).

The online version of The Tolopka Tattler contains all the features you've come to expect from our printed newsletters over the years: boring reminiscence, genuine color photos, sophomoric humor, and a marked inability to Know When to Quit. But wait! You get more! The online versions of The Tattler use patented[1] Hyperlinking Technology® to connect you with even more photos, video, music, and semi-useless information. You just can't get this sort of stuff in the print version of the Tattler. Follow those links!

Hints for Reading The Tattler (2009+)

Beginning with the 2009 Edition, the Tolopka Tattler is published in PDF format. Clicking on the links below will bring you the appropriate PDF.

  • All photos in the PDF contain links to the full-size versions of the corresponding photo; just click to see us in a size that's certain to disturb your digestion.
  • Other links in the PDF (blue underlines) are also live and will take you to additional material that you may (or at least we do) find interesting.

Hints for Reading The Tattler (2002-2008)

The 2002 through 2008 editions of The Tattler were published in HTML format.

  • The small numbers in brackets (like the one in the lead section above) indicate footnotes; you'll wanna read them to get maximum value from your Tattler subscription <grin>. Just click on the footnote number to go directly to the corresponding footnote. After you've read it, click again on the footnote number to go right back where you were.
  • Click on any photo to see the full-size version. No more squinting at tiny pictures where you can't tell Janet from Steve!  Warning: photos depicting replicas of oversized yellow invertebrates may be too intense for younger children if enlarged to full size <grin>.

Hints for Reading the Tattler (1981-2001)

There's no magic here; these are just PDFs containing page scans of the original newsletters. Oh -- and it didn't officially become the Tattler until the 1998 edition; before that it was just the annual Christmas Newsletter.

Current Edition of The Tattler

OK, no more waiting - click right here for the current edition of The Tolopka Tattler. Happy Holidays!

Back Issues

Feeling nostalgic for last year's edition of the Tattler? New to our mailing list and wish you'd been getting these for years? Bored enough so that your eyes will roll up in your head if you don't do something, anything????? Well, have we got a deal for you! Back issues of the Tattler are available right here.

2022 It's Déjà Vu All Over Again Edition
2021 Patrons of the Arts Edition
2020 "Not Much, How 'Bout You?" Edition [Our fortieth edition!]
2019 Quid Pro Quote Edition
2018 Band to the Bone Edition
2017 Band is Like a Box of Chocolates Edition
2016 All the Newts That's Fit to Print Edition
2015 Punctuated Equilibrium Edition
2014 Spanning the Globe Edition
2013 Them's the Breaks Edition
2012 Small Change Edition
2011 Spring Training Edition
2010 Totally Awesome Edition
2009 Valentine's Day Edition    [first edition published via hyperlinked PDF]
2008 International Women's Day Edition    [first edition that slipped all the way into March!]
2007 There's-No-Time-Like-the-President Edition
2006 Presidential Edition
2005 Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition
2004 Bissextile Edition [first ridiculously-late-and-admitting-it edition]
2003 Looking But Not Yet Leaping Edition
2002 Palindromic Edition   [first issue published online (HTML)]

Even Further Back Issues

In the days before the Internet, when the Earth was young and all O Best Beloved, we didn't have fancy markup languages to use for Christmas Newsletters. We used Word, or PageMaker, or troff, or even (God help us!) a typewriter, and then we did an amazing thing: WE PRINTED THEM OUT AND PHOTOCOPIED THEM AND MAILED THEM!!! Sometimes we even pasted them onto paper with cute borders. Oh, the humanity ...

Editions published prior to 1998 didn't have "official" edition names because they weren't Tolopka Tattlers yet. We've given them "after the fact" names here so that they can hold up their heads in company with the other newsletters and not feel too bad.

Anyway -- it's good to get a glimpse back to that simpler time when Versatecs printed on long rolls of paper, a 1200 baud modem could be the height of technology, and the Enter key didn't exist because (kids, close your ears) YOU HAD TO SHOVE THE CARRIAGE BACK TO THE RIGHT WITH MANUAL LABOR! Herewith, the deep-core archives.

2001: A Space Oddity Edition (now up to 50 pages of newsletters over the years)
2000 Millennial Edition Redux
1999 Millennial Edition
1998 More-or-Less-Christmas Edition [First Official Tolopka Tattler!]
1997 Science Fair Edition
1996 Second Sabbatical Edition    [first full-color photo edition; first edition to include an email address]
1995 Perfect Pizza Recipe Edition
1994 Back in the Band Edition
1993 European Edition   [first real photo edition, still black and white]
1992 Alaska Wilderness Edition    [first severely-footnoted edition]
1991 Ukrainian Edition   [first somewhat-later-than-Christmas edition]
1990 TKW Edition
1989 First Sabbatical Edition
1988 Katie Bar the Door Edition
1987 Flying High Edition    [first footnoted edition]
1986 On the Spot Edition
1985 Back to School Edition
1984 A Man's Home Is His Castle Edition   [first black and white pseudo-photo]
1983 Doing Time in Grade School Edition   [first use of graphics]
1982 New-Fangled Edition    [first computer-printed edition with justified type]
1981 Welcome to Oregon Edition   [first-ever Tolopka newsletter]


[1] By someone!