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H League

First Half 2009

First Half: 2-0
Overall: 2-0


Date Time Field Opponent Home/Visitor Comments
May 10 9:00 HMT Rec #3 Yellow BSD Home W 16-6
May 17 6:20 PCC Rock Creek #1 Rock Solid Visitor W 13-11
May 24     NO GAME   Holiday
May 31 7:40 HMT Rec #4 Psyche U Out Home L 8-13
June 7 7:40 PCC Rock Creek #2 The Closers / Custom Decorators Visitor W 20-2
June 14 6:20 HMT Rec #4 St Pius X Home L 3-15
June 21 5:00 HMT Rec #4 Crazy Monkeys Visitors Archrivals ...




Field Locations

Aloha Park:  Near intersection of SW 178th & SW Blanton Street in Aloha.  Map.
Barnes School: 13770 SW Walker Road, Beaverton. Map.
Five Oaks:  1600 NW 173rd Avenue, Beaverton (#3 is lower field). Map.
Meadow Park:  14100 SW Downing Street, Beaverton (#3 is closest to parking lot). Map.
Merle Davies:  13000 Farmington Avenue, Beaverton (corner of Farmington and Erickson). Map.
PCC Rock Creek: On the Portland Community College Rock Creek campus at 17705 NW Springville Rd. Map.
Rec Center:  SW 158th & Walker Road, Beaverton (#5 is north of the main complex on 158th Avenue, near the skateboard park)
Water District:  SW 170th and Merlo Drive, Beaverton (NO PARKING LOT USE; parking on street only, use Merlo). Map.
West Sylvan: 8111 SW West Slope Drive, Portland (#2 is farthest from tennis court)


Regular practice days for the 2007 season are currently alternating between Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 PM.

Since we can't be sure which fields will be available on practice days, there's a Usual Field Rotation for finding the practice. This map shows all the schools.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of June 4, 2003 we have dropped Barnes School from the rotation (at least for now). That means the UFR is now:

2005 Update on Rules and Regulations

Changes or emphasis for 2005 are shown in red

IDs and Roster Checks

Use of Facilities



Player Conduct and Disciplinary Action

National Softball Association

In 2002, THPRD leagues changed affiliations from the America Softball Association to the National Softball Association (NSA). Visit their website for more info. There are a few rule differences, which have been highlighted below.

Batting Order / Roster



Base Running


Run Limits / Length of Game

Gallery of Champions



2005:  I League, 2nd Place

Front Row Standing:
Rear Rows:

2004: I League, 3rd Place


2002:  J League, 3rd Place

Kneeling: Katherine Kelly, Eric Dittert, Mary Bourret
Front Row Standing: Janet Tolopka, Heather Beavens, Peggy Hill, Kim Coolidge, Fred Morgus, Jeff Payne
Rear Rows: Deb Mueller-Kruse, Bob Seibel, Anita Seibel, Rick Lindsley, Jim Beavens, Gary Frye, Steve Tolopka, Scott Morgus

2000:  I League, 1st Place

1997:  I League, 1st Place

1997:  Halloween 1-pitch tournament, 1st Place and Most Original Male Costume

1996:  H League, 2nd Place

1996:  Halloween tournament, 3rd Place

1990:  D League, Sportsmanship Award

Past Schedules and Records

Wanna know how we did against Bandito Taco in some previous year? Game results and won-lost records from previous years are available right here. Includes reminders of fabulous plays and other notable events!

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Last updated: 9 July 2006

Steve Tolopka